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Online Therapy
For online therapy we can use Zoom, FaceTime or Skype, the preference is yours. 

If you need to download Skype™ then here is a link to all you need to know to get started using it

Initially sceptical as a Therapist as to whether online therapy could be as effective for clients as face to face sessions. I can happily feedback that my clients find it very easy & a beneficial way to access therapy.

  • Some find it more convenient; in terms of no travelling. 
  • Some feel more comfortable talking from the comfort of their home when distressed
  • Skype therapy is ideal if away from home or travelling abroad.
  • Some people prefer to work with a therapist who is not local to them.
  • Skype therapy enables clients either in poor health or those caring for others at home to access the therapy they need.

ONLINE THERAPY SESSIONS COST £40.00 per session 1 hour.

Sessions can be booked and paid for by paypal or bank transfer. Payment is required in advance of your session. When choosing your time slot for your Skype Therapy session, please ensure you have a private, quiet room where you can talk confidentially.