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Therapy can help with a range of problems...

The therapeutic process can be very powerful and for some clients life changing, whilst others make smaller changes which impact positively on their lives and relationships with others.

My aim as a therapist is to enable & empower people to remove obstacles to growth; to make positive changes in their lives and to grow. I don't hold on to my clients long term, as I want my clients to achieve their therapy goals & go forward with a new found inner strength & confidence. Equipt with new skills to be able to manage whatever life throws their way.


For a person to grow & flourish they need a safe, trusting environment which provides them with empathy, total unconditional, acceptance and genuineness, these are the core conditions which are the core of my work as a counsellor.

Although I specialise in trauma therapy for adults & children. I have many years of experience in working with all kinds of issues. 

I work as an integrative therapist as I don't believe that any one model of counselling fits all. Everyone is unique and different theories and models will apply to different clients. Therefore your therapy will be tailored to your needs.

If you feel you would like to work with me, please don't be afraid to reach out & make contact. Many people dismiss their problems as "there are so many people worse off" If something is upsetting you & disrupting your life, it's important. Often there may be underlying issues, you will not be aware are affecting you. I will be able to identify those and we can work together to enable you to find a way through things.

Working creatively: Over twenty years ago, before I embarked on my counselling training, I trained in metalsmithing and jewellery making. I have enjoyed using these skills for many years, as my own therapy as it's so important to use our creative sides. I often take some of my jewellery making kit into schools and use it with my young clients and it's amazing seeing what they create! If you would like to book a counselling session where we create a symbolic piece of jewellery for yourself, we can also do that. I would suggest it be towards the end of our therapy journey together, I'm happy to help you create a positive, beautiful, creative piece that you can take forward with you, into life after counselling. It will serve as a powerful reminder of how far you have come, how much you have fought through on your journey and will always be there as a reminder of all you can achieve in so many ways in life.


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