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My Postgraduate Diploma in counselling children & young people has equipt me with specific, specialist skills for counselling young children. I work with young children from aged three upwards, providing a safe place for children to share their inner most thoughts and feelings.

Counselling for young children requires a very different way of working and a different set of counselling skills to young people and adult counselling.

Counselling children enables them to tune into their inner resources, motivating and empowering them to cope more effectively with issues as they travel through childhood into adulthood.


When children are troubled and experiencing high anxiety and stress, this may manifest itself in their young lives in many ways and may display as behavioural problems; at school for instance or within the family structure.

Using a person centered approach, incorporating highly effective Jungian sand tray therapy and elements of art and play therapy, I am able to connect with my young clients, understanding their use of symbols and expression; understanding their inner world on a much deeper level.


My specialist training has given me an in depth understanding of neuro biology; How children's brains form new neuro pathways; through their learning and development.

In cases of neglect & abuse; the emotional trauma suffered by the child impacts on their physical brain development, which is horrific.

The First Session...

can be nerve wracking for both the child and the parents, so I always invite the referring parent into the first session, to ease the child's transition into counselling. With the parent present I explain to the child who I am, what I do and cover legal boundaries and confidentiality in easy terms; 'child language'

Sometimes it is appropriate to do a shorter session at our first meet, depending on how my young client feels; their well being whilst in my care is my priority. I check in with my young clients regularly to see how they are feeling and reassure them, I aim to ensure a very warm, caring, positive first experience of our counselling sessions.

Dean said on Mar 13, 2017 5:35 PM

My daughter picked Sarah as the counsellor she wanted to see after looking at counsellors online! Good choice; Sarah was very warm, caring and professional & helped my daughter adjust to losing her mum and helped her to somehow look forward to the future too. Well worth the cost and I'd actually pay more for this ladies work!

Mrs. D. said on Jul 30, 2012 8:33 PM

Sarah worked with my 2 young children during a difficult divorce. The children loved the sessions so much they never wanted them to end! Sarah helped them adjust to their new life & they emerged stronger & more confident. My little boy even developed the most wicked sense of humour! A huge thank you Sarah x

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